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Our e.Tutorials provide carefully structured, state-of-the-art content in implantology and didactics - a modern, multimedia standard for scientific practice.

  • The perfect complement to the classroom courses: repeat and refresh
  • Permanent access to the structured, practice-oriented knowledge of the leading scientific society
  • Learning at your own - regardless of location, time and other students
  • Personal learning progress indicators and success controls

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  • 3D-Animations

    With the clear three-dimensional representations of surgical techniques and the multimedia learning content, the teaching and research expertise of the DGI is always at your disposal.

  • Assured scientific quality

    The close collaboration of authors and instructors with the scientific advisory board, the reviewers and the publisher guarantees the scientifically and clinically high standard of the e.Learning modules through a multi-level quality assurance process.

  • Modern Didaktics

    Implementation takes place in cooperation with Springer Medizin-Verlag, which has a scientifically sound didactic concept, innovative software and experience with more than 1,500 online continuing education courses from 35 fields.

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The DGI e.Academy sees itself as a seamless complement to the classical presence events with their focus on personal skills and experience.

Since the course series no. 201 the e.Academy is an integral part of the curriculum. The participants of the curriculum profit several times from this integration. Not only pre- and post-class attendance courses with your own level and pace, you also save yourself the previously usual written pre-exam before the final oral exam, because every e.Academy tutorial contains learning progress indicators and a learning progress check. Likewise, one of the two obligatory visits is canceled. This saves closures times, travel expenses and fees.

e.Learning is aimed not only at all participants and refreshers of the DGI curriculum, the Master's program and the Continuum courses, but also at established implantologists who want to keep their knowledge up-to-date economically. Our offer does not remain limited to DGI members - on the contrary. Thanks to the online access and the planned English-language version, the e.Academy makes a forward-looking contribution to networking within the German and international implantological scene.

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