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2.1 Risk factors and principles guiding individual planning

2.1 Risk factors and principles guiding individual planning

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Learning objectives

Once you have completed this e-tutorial, you will….

  • understand individual risk analysis according to the SAC criteria and be able to apply this classification in daily routine.
  • know the importance of evaluating surgical, prosthetic, and esthetic criteria for individual planning of rehabilitation with dental implants, and understand the relevance of this evaluation for long-term treatment success.
  • appreciate the relevance of the correct implant position and of periimplant hard and soft tissues for the success of implant-borne prosthetic restoration in the esthetic zone.
  • understand the influence of prosthetic aspects on the early planning phase (backward planning).


Prerequisite for treatment with dental implants is a thorough risk assessment. This includes evaluation of bone, soft tissue, and prosthetic parameters, and should also consider the patient's expectations. Clinical examination is followed by diagnostic radiologic imaging to visualize the anatomic requirements. The SAC classification, which categorizes the complexity of the individual case as straightforward, advanced, or complex, is suitable for detailed risk evaluation. For implantation in the esthetic region, the Esthetic Risk Assessment is also recommended. The treating implantologist has a responsibility to achieve clinically predictable and reproducible results. This requires adequate diagnostic procedures and risk assessment, on the basis of which an evidence-based treatment concept can be established. Furthermore, the patient must be appropriately informed about the planned treatment—including its complexity and the associated risks—in order to arrive at a joint consensus.


F. Hermann, J. Fleiner, K.-L. Ackermann

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