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Integration into dental practice and Single-tooth implant

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Preparing, processing and documenting implant surgery in order to have an excellent result is the demand of modern Implantology. This module focusses on the single-tooth implant in particular.

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3.1 Integrating implantology into the daily workflow

Implantology is now an established component of the dentist's treatment spectrum. In order to integrate the necessary surgical and prosthetic procedures into the daily workflow, treatment should be well organized and standardized. Issues such as patient rights; informed consent and documentation thereof; hygiene regulations; patient preparation; organizational aspects of implant surgery; processing, sterilization, and storage of special implantology instruments; and documentation of the intervention must be observed. Additionally, the logistics of material management for the surgical and prosthetic elements of dental implants are of utmost importance. This module of the e.curriculum, "Integrating implantology into the daily workflow," describes each step in detail.

3.2 Single-tooth implants

Restoration of missing teeth with endosteal implants is nowadays a safe and predictable procedure. The long-term success of dental implants has considerably broadened the spectrum of treatment options following tooth loss, as demonstrated by 40 years of scientific research and practical experience in the field of implantology. Optimal functional and esthetic rehabilitation of a patient with single-tooth implants represents a particular challenge for the treatment team, requiring a clearly structured concept and efficient teamwork. The patient and the patient's wishes are of central importance; dentists, implantologists, prosthodontists, and dental laboratory technicians are involved in the treatment. Clear communication and a spectrum of procedures appropriate to the intervention and the patient situation are essential.

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