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3.1 Integrating implantology into the daily workflow

3.1 Integrating implantology into the daily workflow

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Learning objectives

Once you have completed this e-tutorial, you will…

  • be able to prepare and perform sterile dental implant surgery.
  • understand the hygiene procedures and regulations as well as the logistics, instrumentation, and documentation of dental implant surgery.
  • know how to optimally prepare the patient for implantation according to the synoptic treatment concept.
  • be confident in your ability to tailor aftercare to avoid swelling, infection, and other complications as far as possible.


Implantology is now an established component of the dentist's treatment spectrum. In order to integrate the necessary surgical and prosthetic procedures into the daily workflow, treatment should be well organized and standardized. Issues such as patient rights; informed consent and documentation thereof; hygiene regulations; patient preparation; organizational aspects of implant surgery; processing, sterilization, and storage of special implantology instruments; and documentation of the intervention must be observed. Additionally, the logistics of material management for the surgical and prosthetic elements of dental implants are of utmost importance. This module of the e.curriculum, "Integrating implantology into the daily workflow," describes each step in detail.


M. Gollner

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