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1.1 Basics of implantology

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Learning objectives

Once you have completed this e-tutorial, you will…

  • know that implantology is an important subsector in terms of patient-oriented dentistry.
  • understand the history of implantology to be a problem-solving approach to perfect orofacial reconstruction.
  • have the knowledge of essential functional and anatomic factors in the orofacial field required for implantation procedures.


The patient's desire for functionally and esthetically intact dentition can nowadays be met by choosing from a great variety of safe and promising implant systems. Good knowledge of inner and outer anatomic structures of the jaw and neighboring regions provides the surgeon with the required safety for successful implantation. Important factors for long-term success are osseointegration, implant bed preparation, implant stability, implant shape, and the correct timing of implantation, as well as implant restoration and loading. The following module explains these important terms in detail. Indications, pros and cons of different options, and possible alternatives are discussed. This fundamental knowledge enables the reader to approach implantology with confidence.


S. Schmidinger

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