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5.2 Bone regeneration for alveolar ridge augmentation

5.2 Bone regeneration for alveolar ridge augmentation

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Learning objectives

Once you have completed this e.tutorial plus, you will

  • identify donor sites for autologous bone grafts, including harvesting techniques;
  • understand flap design and soft tissue management over bone grafts, as well as fixation techniques for bone block grafts;
  • describe guided bone regeneration using the membrane technique, including application of autologous bone and the use of bone substitute materials;
  • identify complications and respond accordingly.


This module addresses the practical aspects of intraoral bone augmentation. Bone harvesting techniques are presented, and the selection of intra- and extraoral donor sites for autologous bone grafts is addressed. Flap design for bone augmentation surgery and soft tissue management is described. This module provides the dental surgeon with practical clinical tips for successful bone regeneration. Fundamental surgical techniques are explained, such as fixation of bone grafts using osteosynthesis screws. An animation portrays the clinical procedure of guided bone regeneration (GBR) using barrier membranes. The single-stage immediate implant insertion approach with simultaneous augmentation is compared to the staged procedure. Complications and their clinical management are discussed, including anti-infective preparation according to the four-level concept.


H. Terheyden, S. Schultze-Mosgau, J. Tetsch, H. Schliephake

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