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4.1 Principles of implant-borne prosthetics and treatment concepts

4.1 Principles of implant-borne prosthetics and treatment concepts

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Learning objectives

Once you have completed this e-tutorial, you will…

  • know the principles of dental implant-borne prosthetic reconstructions including impression, bite registration, and master cast fabrication techniques.
  • understand the various treatment concepts for single-tooth gaps, the partially edentulous, and the edentulous jaw.
  • be able to describe the concept of increasing the number of abutments in patients with severely reduced dentition.
  • be able to evaluate clinical and scientific differences between fixed and removable treatment concepts in the edentulous jaw.
  • have insight into the clinical and laboratory-based steps of the different individual treatment options.


Implantology has increased the variety of prosthetic treatment concepts considerably. This tutorial summarizes the principles of implant-borne prosthetic reconstructions, including the implant–abutment connection, impression techniques, fabrication of the master cast, and special aspects of bite registration. Furthermore, treatment concepts for a single-tooth gap, multiple missing teeth, severely reduced dentition, and the edentulous dental arch are discussed. Treatment recommendations are discussed according to their evidence level in the current literature as well as under consideration of clinical aspects. Special aspects for the anterior esthetic zone and posterior tooth regions are highlighted.


A. Zöllner, A.F. Boeckler, M. Stimmelmayr, A. Kunz

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