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8A.2 Extensive augmentation with iliac crest grafts

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Learning objectives

After completing this e.tutorial, you will

  • understand the techniques for inlay and onlay osteoplasty using iliac crest bone grafts,

  • know the possibilities for improving graft healing and reducing resorption rate, and

  • be able to judge healing times, success rates, and possible complications of the procedure.


For dental rehabilitation with endosteal implants, bone augmentation is often necessary to ensure long-term restoration of aesthetics and masticatory function. The donor region is determined based on the degree of bone atrophy; for extensive defects, vascularized pedicle grafts are indicated. In patients with skeletal anomalies, orthognathic surgical measures are additionally required. If no other treatment option (e.g., short implants, zygomatic implants, or a fixed bridge on four angulated implants) is possible, iliac crest grafts represent a viable alternative.


J. Wiltfang, E. Behrens

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