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8A.1 Augmentation of the maxillary posterior region by sinus floor elevation

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Learning objectives

After completing this e.tutorial, you will

  • understand the indications and preoperative requirements for augmentation of the maxillary posterior region using sinus floor elevation,
  • have knowledge of the proven techniques and their differential indications,
  • recognize the healing times that have to be observed depending on the selected augmentation material, and
  • be able to classify and manage complications.


Augmentation of the floor of the maxillary sinus by sinus floor elevation enables the prerequisites for inserting implants of sufficient length into the maxillary posterior region to be fulfilled. After exact prosthetic planning, these can be positioned in the center of the masticatory force. With precise planning, sinus floor elevation is a safe and reliable method for implant insertion in the posterior maxilla, which can be performed under local anesthesia. Potential complications can be easily managed. More than 90% of inserted implants are reliably and permanently osseointegrated.


F. Schwarz, J. Becker, M. Bonsmann, A. Behneke

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